What is Norton Product Tamper Protection and How to Enable/Disable it?

Among the top security software programs, Norton is always the primary choice for every internet user. Norton is an anti-malware product from Symantec and providing various security plans since 1991. As Norton uses signatures and heuristics for virus detection; it always considered as the antivirus for data security. Norton offers various antivirus plans, firewalls, and other security products.

Norton offers a special feature known as Norton product tamper protection (NPTP) which prevents any kind of alteration on your Norton settings due to other programs (like malware, or malicious applications). Your antivirus is responsible for your device and data protection. Any kind of issue or alteration on antivirus programs can be dangerous. So, Norton Product tamper protection is like a bodyguard for your Norton antivirus. This feature is enabled by default but you can also disable Norton Tamper protection according to your need.

How to turn off Norton Tamper Protection?

Disabling NPTP is not recommendable as it is can dangerous for security terms. But sometimes, you have to disable this feature when your antivirus is blocking any file or URL. Here are the steps to disable Norton Tamper Protection:

  1. Open your PC and click on Norton icon
  2. Norton dashboard will appear on the screen
  3. Now click on settings from the home window
  4. Navigate to Administrative settings from the setting window
  5. Now go to the Product Security tab
  6. Toggle the switch to Off for disabling the protection
  7. Now set the duration for disabling NPTP
  8. Click on OK button
  9. Now again go to the home tab and close Norton’s dashboard

Norton Product Tamper Protection will automatically get enabled after the confined duration. In case you don’t want to enable it automatically then click on Never. Now you have to enable the tamper protection manually by toggling the switch. If Norton tamper protection turn off is not resolving your issues then you should try disabling your Norton antivirus.

How do I temporarily disable Norton Security?

Norton Security provides real-time protection which means it scans all files and URL before loading. If you are ejecting any malicious flash drive on your PC then it will show error alert and won’t allow reading the flash drive. In the case of a malicious URL, it will show you a red flag and blocks the URL from loading on your browser. But if you have to read the flash drive and your antivirus is blocking it then you can turn off Norton security temporarily.

How to disable Norton Security?

Follow the steps mentioned below for disabling Norton:

  1. Open your taskbar
  2. Right-click on Norton icon
  • Click on Disable Auto-Protect button
  1. Go to Security Request window
  2. Now click on select the duration and set the time
  3. Hit the OK button

Now try to access the flash drive. If you are still not able to use it then you should turn on Norton security.

How to turn off Norton firewall?

Norton firewall ensures that your network is always secure. But if you want to access a website and firewall is blocking it then try disabling your Norton firewall. Follow the steps mentioned below for disabling Norton firewall:

  1. Open Norton dashboard and go to settings
  2. Click on Firewall
  3. From general setting tab, toggle the smart firewall button to Off
  4. Now click on Apply
  5. Choose the time duration for disabling Firewall
  6. Hit the OK button

If you choose Never in time duration column then you must enable your Norton firewall manually after accessing the website. You can easily enable a firewall from the general setting tab.

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