How to Fix Norton Not Working Windows 10 Error?

Norton is a leading name for distributing top security software around the globe. Most of the people prefer Norton antivirus over other antivirus programs as it offers various advanced security features at very good prices. The interface of Norton is also very strong and user friendly. You can install Norton and protect your device easily. The robust nature of Norton ensures to secure your data and network round the clock. The chances of getting any errors on Norton antivirus are very low. Norton provides you frequent to fight against new threats. But many people still get into some troubles like Norton won’t open Windows 10, unable to run scan, etc.

Norton internet security stopped working

If Norton stopped working on your PC then you are probably using outdated version. You should always keep your antivirus updated in an account to secure the device from all kinds of threats. You will require an internet connection for updating your antivirus. Make sure your device is connected to a smooth internet connection.

How to update Norton internet security?

Open your Norton dashboard and go to security settings

Navigate to “Live update”

Wait for completing Norton Windows 10 update process and then restart your PC

Click on Norton antivirus and perform a test scan for ensuring that your antivirus is running properly. Once you update your antivirus; your antivirus will secure the PC from various new type of malware. It provide real-time security that means if any threat is trying to sneak in your PC; Norton will immediately detect and remove it instantly.

Norton security won’t open

There can be many reasons behind Norton won’t open error. The corruption on your program files is a potential reason for this error. If you are suspecting any kind of issues with your program files then you can use system file checker tool of Windows that can scan and restore all the corrupt files related to Norton antivirus. Here are the steps for using Windows system file checker tool:

Go to search bar and type command

Hit the enter button and a permission dialog box will be displayed on your screen

Hit the Yes button

Type sfc/ scannow on the command prompt and hit the enter button

Windows system file checker tool will start running and scanning all the program files. If your Norton antivirus is dealing with any corruption; this tool will fix it immediately. Now wait for completing the process and follow the on-screen commands.

You can also use Norton Power eraser for scanning your PC. This tool use insights in cloud application to scan the system. So, if your antivirus is not opening from the dashboard then you can use this tool by visiting the website of Norton. Go to the homepage and click on Norton Power Eraser. Download the tool and run installation process. Accept the license and agreement page to finish the installation. Now open Norton power eraser on your PC and click the scan tab. This tool will scan and fix all the necessary files. You can also make various changes according to your system. Then restart your device and check whether your Norton is now running or not.

Norton not responding Mac

If your Norton antivirus is not responding on Mac device then check your antivirus specifications. Make sure you have downloaded Mac supported Norton plan. Windows plan won’t work on Mac device. Compatibility can also be issue when your Mac is unable to fulfill the requirements of Norton antivirus. Try removing and reinstalling Norton plan on your system. You can use RemoveSymantecMacFiles from removing all Norton files. Download this tool from Norton website and then click on Finder icon. Now go to downloads folder and click on

RemoveSymantecMacfiles.zip file. You have to log in this tool with the admin credentials. Click on the terminal windows and enter the admin credentials. Enter 1 to remove Norton files. Now restart your Mac and perform fresh Norton installation.
Sometimes a small change on Norton antivirus program corrupts the registry files that can lead to Norton won’t run scan error. You will need to repair the registry entries. But editing the Windows registry files manually without any technical support is not recommendable. Any kind of mistake on registry files can lead to irreversible harm to your system. There are various tools available on the internet for repairing registry entries. But before editing your registry files, you should create a backup. Type command on the search bar and hit the enter button. Now type regedit in the command prompt to open registry files. Now a list will appear on the screen; choose Norton antivirus. Provide a name to your backup key and save it in an appropriate folder. The backup key will get saved with .reg extension. After getting the key, use the registry editing tool. Restart your PC and check whether your Norton is running or not.

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