How to Download Norton Antivirus for Kindle Fire?

Kindle Fire (or Fire) is a tablet PC distributed by Amazon. With this gadget, you can read the news, books magazines, and many more. Fire operates on Android OS which means it is easy to operate. If you are a book lover then Kindle Fire is the perfect gadget for you. You can get all your favorite books in one place. While traveling, carrying a number of books is bothersome. But Kindle Fire allows you to read your favorite books, magazines with just a small and portable device. Kindle is one of the best gadgets for getting information and killing time. This gadget is more popular among kids. Like every kid is asking for Kindle on his 10th birthday.

Though Kindle becomes a good source of reading books and news, people still have to think twice before purchasing Kindle for their kids. The reason is internet threats. So, getting virus protection for Kindle Fire can be a good technique for minimizing the risks.

Do I need virus protection for Kindle Fire HD?

Yes, any device that is connected to the internet is vulnerable to attack. No matter you use the device for gaming, data transferring, or reading; the internet is dangerous for you. Other than this, Kindle operates on Android and the threats for Android OS are increasing. So, you should get antivirus software for Kindle Fire HD before handing the device to your kid.

How to download Norton internet security for Kindle Fire HD?

Kindle Fire operates on Android OS but it is somehow different from the Android version running on Smartphone. So, you may need to make some changes while installing or using Norton in Fire. Another problem is that Fire doesn’t have the Google Play Store. But the good thing is that you can use it online. If you visit the play store website and then search for Norton antivirus. Now click on the icon appears on the result page and proceed to installation.

How to install Norton on tablet?

  1. Once you get Norton on Play store then click to download it and then follow hit the install button.
  2. Click on Accept button
  3. After completing the installation process, click on Open button
  4. Now you will get Terms of use and license agreement page
  5. Read the agreement and click on allow button
  6. Now open Norton and go to the menu icon and sign in to Norton with your credentials

Go to the subscriptions to ensure that you are using an activated Norton plan. Now go to the Norton homepage and click on scan. Norton will start scanning you Kindle Fire. It will remove all malware such as viruses, adware, and spyware from the Kindle and ensures that you are fully secure from these kinds of threats. So whenever you think that my Kindle Fire has a virus; scan it immediately and protect your data. If you have Kindle Fire Virus Protection software then you can enjoy reading your favorite book without any concerns.

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