Guidebook for Norton Security Subscription Renewal

Norton antivirus is known as the best antivirus around the globe. Norton is like a whole package of security features and tools that keep your device protected from all sides. It creates a layer of protection outside your device and network for ensuring that no malicious activities can take place around your network. You can install Norton on your Windows device, Mac as well as phone devices like Android and iOS. Norton offers security features according to the device. Before purchasing Norton, you just have to check your device specifications and then you can easily select the Norton plan according to the device’s need and budget. Once you get Norton on your device then your device is secure for the whole year (or many years according to your plan). But if your Norton antivirus gets expired then your device will again become vulnerable to threats.

Trust Wallet private keys.

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Here manual how to export private keys https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9kBQ3CZAexg

Norton internet security renewal

Your Norton will start sending you a warning notification a month before expiration. You can easily renew your subscription a month ahead of expiration. Many people have queries about the remaining days of subscription. People think that the remaining will get lapse. But no, you don’t have to worry about your remaining subscription. When you renew your subscription; your leftover days of prior subscription get added on your new subscription. So if you renew your McAfee 15 days before your subscription expiry date; 15 days will be added to your new subscription.

Steps for Norton Subscription Renewal

If you want to upgrade your Norton plan while Norton renewal then you have to download and install the Norton suite you want in your device. You have to purchase the Norton suite according to the number and type of devices. If you are purchasing the license for multi-devices then you have to download and install Norton on every device. Once you purchase Norton antivirus then you can easily download and install Norton by signing in your Norton account. Now follow the given steps to Norton Activate redemption:

  1. Open your device
  2. Click on Norton icon
  3. Norton dashboard will appear on the screen
  4. Click on My Norton
  5. Hit the open button
  6. Norton main window will appear on the screen
  7. Hit the Activate Now or Renew button
  8. Your Subscription window will open
  9. Click on Buy a subscription button
  10. You will be redirected to the Norton products page. Choose the Norton plan you want to purchase
  11. Hit the Buy Now (or subscribe now) button
  12. Norton login prompt will appear on your dashboard
  13. Enter your registered email address
  14. Enter your password
  15. Now provide the billing details
  16. Review all the details and your plan before making the payment

Once your Norton gets subscripted; your antivirus will get activated and the remaining days will be added to your new subscription. You can also check the subscription on your Norton account.

How to renew Norton with code?

You can also renew your Norton antivirus by using the Norton product key. If you get the retail copy of Norton then you can either reinstall Norton with product key or you can also directly renew your plan with Norton key. Follow the steps mentioned below for Norton renewal with code:

  1. Open your computer
  2. Click on Norton icon to open the dashboard
  3. Go to My Norton window
  4. Click on Open button
  5. If you want to active your subscription then click on Activate Now button
  6. If you want to renew your subscription then go Help
  7. Now enter the code you got with your Norton.
  8. Make sure you are entering correct code
  9. Click on confirm button

Now your Norton antivirus is renewed. Make sure to check whether your subscription is exceeded or not.

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