How to Fix Problems with Norton VPN?

Acknowledging the threats related to an unsecured network, Norton provides an advanced VPN tool that helps in keeping data safe even while you are working on an unsecured network. Today you can get free Wi-Fi everywhere. Most coffee shops, libraries, airports, railway stations, etc provide free Wi-Fi where you can easily access the internet. But these Wi-Fi hotspots are very dangerous because several hackers and cybercriminals are waiting there for stealing your data and other crucial information. If you don’t want to fall into any threat then you must go for Norton Secure VPN download. This tool will protect you from public Wi-Fi. It creates a virtual private network that helps in providing online privacy. All your sensitive data like payment details, credit card details, passwords, etc will be encrypted and sent via a secure channel to prevent data intrusion activities.

How to fix problems with Norton VPN

How to turn on Norton VPN?

You can get the Norton VPN tool from your Norton Security antivirus. This tool will secure your current location by masking it with some other IP address. Now only this, you can also access those websites that are not available on your location. Norton Lifelock VPN is a very reliable tool for preventing man-in-the-middle attacks. Follow the given instructions for enabling Norton VPN:

  1. Open your PC and click on Norton icon
  2. Go to My Norton from the dashboard and click on Secure VPN
  3. Hit the Turn On button
  4. If you are using unsecured internet access then click on Open
  5. Now from Secure VPN window, toggle the button to On

Once you open your Norton VPN, you can securely access all the websites and send emails and files without any security concerns. If your Norton Secure VPN won’t turn on then you should fix the error before someone hacks your network.

Your Norton VPN not working? Here are the solutions:

Allow Norton VPN through Windows Firewall

Your Windows firewall is capable of blocking your VPN. If your VPN is not opening then you should probably check your firewall. Make sure your firewall is allowing the VPN. Type Allow an app through the firewall on your start menu and click on the enter button. Now hit the allow another program button. Select the program (Norton VPN) you want to allow through a firewall. Finally, click on the OK button and check whether your Norton VPN not opening error gets fixed or not.

Update your video graphics driver

If your PC is working on an outdated graphic driver then you may face various errors from time to time which means this can be a reason for Norton VPN error. You should check whether your video graphics driver is updated or not. If not then you should update it immediately. Here are the steps for updating the video graphics driver:

  1. Open your Windows PC and launch your run program (Windows + R key)
  2. Now type devmgmt.msc and hit the Enter button
  3. Click on the display adapters from the device manager window
  4. Now right-click on HD graphics card and click on Properties button
  5. From the Driver tab, check whether your Video graphics card is updated or not

If your driver is outdated then hit the update to install the latest version button. Wait for completing the updating process and then restart your PC to check whether now your VPN is working or not.

Try configuring DNS settings manually

Many people reported that Norton VPN not connecting to DNS servers automatically. If you are facing the same error then try configuring the DNS settings manually. Type ncpa.cpl on the run bar then hit the Ok button. From the network connections window, choose your connection (LAN or Wireless) and the right click on the connection and click on the properties option.

Now you have to set the DNS server addresses manually. Double click on IPv4 and click on Use the following DNS server addresses. Provide the preferred DNS server address and alternate DNS server. Finally, click on the OK button and now check whether now you Norton is working or not.

Uninstall Norton VPN

You can also face this error if you Norton VPN files get corrupted or you have deleted the files mistakenly. Firstly, try to turn off Norton VPN and then again turn it on. If Norton VPN is still not working then reinstallation is the best solution for you. Uninstall your VPN and reinstall the updated version of a VPN on your PC. Here are the steps for reinstalling Norton VPN:

  1. Open your PC and go to Programs and Features
  2. You will get a list on installed programs
  3. Click on Norton secure VPN and hit the Uninstall button

Wait for completing the process and then remove all the Norton VPN related files. Now reinstall your computer and provide a fresh Norton VPN reinstallation.