How to Store Measuring Instruments When they are Not in Use

The measurement equipment like CCM Mini Current Switch is a fundamental component in any laboratory and it is practically necessary for any industry to have it, because through the use of specialized equipment that make up the equipment is that you can obtain accurate data regarding the characteristics of different products and substances that make them up. Measuring equipment can be classified into handheld devices, assembly devices, and converters, among others. The uses given to these instruments are of the most varied but all are related to the measurement, analysis and review of different elements with which work in a specific sector.

How to store measuring instruments when they are not in use

The main characteristic that has to gather all equipment for measurement is that they are practical, easy to use and that they offer a high precision, also it is preferable that the results of the measurement can be obtained while taking the measurements and that they do not require other processes to know the measurement values. Grouped under different categories, we can now find a wide variety of measuring devices in many brands and with technical specifications that make them very specific.

Way to store measuring instruments when they are not in use

The measurement tools are not inherently unsafe, but sometimes, when used improperly, can cause some risks and easily preventable cause accidents or damage the same tool.

This applies to instruments such as multimeters, megohmmeters, calibres type caliper gauge, thermal imagers and others, that operation may expose us to other risks, and also suffer breakage if they are used improperly.

The most common risks when storing measurement tools

All measurement tools share the risk of damage from improper use, as we will see later. According to the type of measurement that is made, in addition, there are personal risks that should be avoided.

In all cases, it is enough to know the measurement tool, its correct use and to have knowledge about what we will measure – especially if it is temperature or electricity.

Equipment damage

  • The measuring instruments can be reliable and precise, but they must be used appropriately to avoid damage or breakage due to improper use.
  • Many turners, for example, use the gauge to measure the diameter of the pieces while they are rotating in the spindle. They also use it as a tracing instrument. In these cases friction wear occurs which causes the tool to lose its accuracy.
  • A multi meter can burn if it is used to measure high voltage while the test leads are placed in the low voltage contacts.
  • A laser level can be damaged if the pendulum is not locked correctly before placing it in its carrying case. It can also break if it is placed on an unsuitable support, or if it is supported in height negligently, so that it can fall.
  • All measurement tools have a user manual; it is important to know the operation of the instrument to avoid using it inappropriately.
    So it is must to keep the keep the measuring instruments safely when they are not in use.